【Important】Before you apply

Every year many applications are rejected due to trivial mistakes. No matter how well-written the content is, we do not accept the application forms which fail to meet the requirements/guidelines provided by the foundation.

Here are some dos and don’ts you should check before submitting the application form:
✓ Have you prepared all the necessary pages of the application form?
✓ Have you not used camera or smartphone applications to create PDFs?
✓ Have you scanned the page with photograph in colors? 
✓ Do all your English entries have corresponding Japanese translation?
✓ Have you indicated the character counts of the Japanese translation in the specified sections? 
✓ Does your academic transcript cover a full year?
✓ Are application materials submitted online the same as the ones to be mailed?
✓ Before submission, have you checked all the content of the PDFs uploaded and the basic information entered? 

Make sure to read thoroughly all the information provided in the Scholarship Guide, Application FAQ, and Application Support System before you apply for the scholarship.